Reusable straws

Find your way to be zero waste!

Choose your perfect set!

silicone STRAWS 4pk

The perfect set for the whole family! Put it in a drawer together with cutlery and always have it at hand :)

29.00 PLN

silicone STRAWS 2pk

Two straws are better than one! Take them to meet a friend :) Iced coffee tastes better with Fommi!

19.00 PLN

STRAW with travel case

You can fit it in your pocket or small bag. Choose one of four colors! #myfommi

19.00 PLN

Reusable silicone drinking straws  - perfect for coffee, juice, water and more!

did you know ...

Disposable straws are not eco-friendly. It is estimated that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas and oceans! Only in Poland, 3 million straws are used daily! This equates to 1.2 billion straws that end up in the trash every year.*

 You don't have to change your habits. All you have to do is choose Fommi reusable straws instead of plastic ones!

* Statista research - 2018 r.

FOMMI straws benefits
  • Semi-transparent,
  • Safe, non-toxic silicone
  • Enamel friendly,
  • Reusable,
  • Dishwasher safe, boil to sterilize or wash by hand
  • Handy

About us

Fommi is our love, that's why we distribute and supply many of the most popular retail stores across Europe with reusable straws. .

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